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Keeping Your Child Safe Online


Primary School children today are growing up in a world where use of the internet is a significant part of their everyday lives, including in play, education and social interactions. At Bentfield Primary School, we aim through our computing and PSHE curriculum to prepare our pupils to exist in this world while keeping themselves and others safe. We also aim to provide parents and carers with advice to support in keeping their children safe in the online world outside of school. 

What you could do at home...


Your child using technology can the internet can seem a bit daunting due to the risks that children can face online - such as cyberbullying, contact from strangers and the possibility of seeing inappropriate content.


You can click here to see a simple checklist that you can use to help to keep your child safe through online activities. You can also find more tip for engaging your child in conversations about staying safe online from:

Further Resources...


Below are a number of links to websites and resources that can support further with keeping your child safe online. If you have an specific concerns or questions, please get in touch with your child's class teacher, who will support or signpost you to someone else who can.


You can also download our school E-safety policy here for more information about what your child will learn about e-safety in school.