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Apple Class - Nursery



In our Autumn term we learnt about different celebrations including Diwali, Fireworks night, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

The children enjoyed doing a variety of activities to support their development across the 7 areas of learning including baking, various art activities and dance.  Within the topic we also learnt about our numbers to 5; counting, sorting and recognising the digits. At the end of the term we performed our Christmas production of 'Whoops a daisy angel' the children enjoyed learning all the songs and Makaton signs for each one. 

Celebration photos

Glitter Morning 
Every year we celebrate Christmas with a special event ‘Glitter Morning’. The children are able to make a variety of Christmas decorations using as much glitter as possible.  This year we had an extra special day with the bonus of Christmas dinner. What a great celebration. 

People who help us

In our first topic of the new year we learnt about all the people in the community who help us.  Our role play area became a vets and we finished the half term with a walk to the post box to post some surprise Valentines cards. Take a look at all the fun activities we completed during this half term. 

Physical Development


This half term we have been learning to move in different ways during our weekly P.E sessions.  We have also been developing our jumping skills and using what we have practiced to jump from different height apparatus.