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Willow Class - Year 4

Public Speaking Event

On Friday 9th February Noah, Esther, Isaac and Ryver took part in a public speaking event with 6 other local schools at Great Chesterford Primary School. All teams had prepared a speech about a problem with the environment and what we can do to solve it. The team captain (Noah) introduced the team and topic, then the speaker (Esther) read out the speech. Following this, the children from other schools asked questions with Ryver (our responder answered). Isaac's role was the questioner, so he came up with questions to ask after other schools had done their speeches. It was an interesting and informative afternoon with all of the children doing brilliantly to speak so well in front a room of others and a special guest who gave feedback afterwards. Well done to our public speaking team, who represented the school brilliantly.

Pancake day fractions - cutting into half, quarters and eighths and putting toppings on non unitractions such as three eights of the pancake.

Outdoor learning in Science - we went on a bug hunt and explored the different conditions that the creatures lived in.

Outdoor Learning. As part of our Exploring The Amazon topic we took our sketching materials into the forest; thankfully it wasn't raining! We lay on the floor and tried to sketch the canopy above our heads. We also took a photo of what we were looking at to display alongside our drawings in our Art books. Our afternoon ended with a game of Duck, Duck, Goose. Running is not so easy when wearing wellies!

In science we created models of our teeth and learnt the names of the different types of teeth. We also investigated how to look after our teeth and what happens if we don’t.

In science we have created models of the digestive system and learnt the scientific names for the parts

In English, we have learnt how to write biographies. To fit in with our Mapping The World topic, we explored the exciting story of Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki Expedition and found out more about his life. Some of our class had a go at making their own models of the Kon-Tiki raft.

In RE we have been learning about compassion and in particular about the work of famous humanitarians, such as Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. These photos show us sharing facts using the stand up hands up pair up method. Our Wonder Wall depicts questions we asked at the beginning of term.

In Art we researched and designed our own Ancient Egyptian headdresses and collars. Can you recognise who we are?

These are links to time table songs that the children can use to learn their times tables. Get them moving around while they are singing as it all helps the times tables sink in. 

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