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Wrap Around Care (Breakfast & Kids' Clubs)

Breakfast Club starts at 7:30am and runs to 8:40am when the children who attend are taken to their classrooms to start the school day.


Kids Club starts immediately after school at 3:15pm.  Children are escorted from their classes to the dining hall where Kids Club is based.  After the register is taken children have a variety of activities to choose from and are able to eat a light meal.  The club runs through to 6:00pm but you can collect your child at any time before this.


If you are interested in booking your child in for either Breakfast or Kids Club please download the booking form, complete it and send it to


Please read the Terms & Conditions on the back of the form carefully and please note that we do require payment for both Breakfast & Kids Club in advance of attendance.


Both Breakfast & Kids Club accept childcare voucher payments - please contact the school office for further information. 

Breakfast & Kids Club booking form


The Clubs will operate during school term time only. 


Contact for bookings and any other correspondence should be made to the email address for the clubs which are monitored by staff only during the school week.


The Clubs are self-funding and all income goes towards the staffing, food & equipment used in the clubs.


Before we can accept your booking, you must read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Before bookings can be made you must register your child using the booking form, even if you only intend to use the club occasionally.
  • Bookings should ideally be made at least half termly prior to the start of the new term. These bookings will be given priority.
  • Payments should be paid for in advance of attendance. You should advise the school office if you intend to make payments by childcare vouchers.
  • Adhoc bookings must be made 1 week in advance of attendance (there are additional charges for adhoc bookings). Once accepted these bookings should be paid for in advance of attendance.
  • On very rare occasions and due to unforeseen emergencies there may be a possibility that we can allocate your child a space at shorter notice. However, this is purely at our discretion and will be based on available spaces and staff members at that time. Adhoc charges will apply to these emergency bookings.
  • If your child is ill whilst at the Club, staff will contact you to collect your child. No refund will be given.
  • In the event a booking is made and your child does not attend a charge will still be made.
  • We do offer a sibling discount in Kids club for termly bookings made (i.e. if there are 3 siblings attending the eldest pays the full charge, 2nd has £1 reduction & 3rd has a £2 reduction for each session)
  • No sibling discount is available for adhoc bookings or for Breakfast club.•(for Kids club) Anyone picking a child up will be expected to sign them out of the club using the electronic screen in the atrium. All children must be collected at the end of their time at the after school club.
  • (for Kids club) Please do not arrive late to collect your child. Children can become distressed if they think they have been forgotten. If lateness is unavoidable then please telephone us, however penalty charges will apply (01279 813626).
  • (for Kids club) Parents who are late collecting their child will incur a penalty charge of £5.00 for any child collected up to 15 minutes after the official closing time of the club and £10.00 up to 30 minutes. Any child left for more than 45 minutes where no contact has been made will result in Social Services being contacted and/or the police.
  • If you wish to cancel a place already booked you must give at least half a term’s notice (Adhoc bookings once made cannot be cancelled and will be charged)
  • Staff will administer medicine in line with the school policy. Please see the school website for further information.
  • Should you have cause for complaint about the Club there is a formal complaints procedure. We hope any concerns can be sorted out informally with the Supervisor.
  • Parents should use the atrium entrance to the school on drop off or collection. The inner door will be locked though a RING doorbell system is in place to alert members of staff for Breakfast & Kids club when you arrive.
  • Parents must inform the Club of any change of contact details or dietary requirements of their child.
  • Club fees should be paid for in advance at the time of booking – no debts should be accrued. Your child will not be able to attend either Breakfast Club or Kids Club while there is a debt. If you have a problem paying the fees or your circumstances change, please talk to the Business Manager in the school office. All matters will be dealt with as quickly as possible and with discretion.
  • We expect children to follow the same expectations of behaviour that we have at school. If your child does not follow the rules of the club, and after consultation with you and due warning, then your child’s place may be forfeited.