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Sports News

Uttlesford Tennis Finals

After brilliant performances from our year 5/6 tennis teams in the Stansted tournament, 2 teams qualified for the finals. We travelled to Stebbing tennis club for the next stage. Across the tournament there were lots of excellent, competitive games of tennis with many draws between teams along the way. At the end of the tournament, both our teams returned with medals. The yellow team with bronze and the red team winning the tournament receiving gold medals and a cup to be passed onto us at a later date! Well done to everyone involved.

Quad Kids Athletics

On Wednesday, we took 16 children to take part in the Uttlesford Quad Kids athletics tournament. In the competition, every child competes in a sprint, middle distance, howler throw and standing long jump, scoring points for times and distances, with the whole team points being added up for the final team score. We took one team for year 3/4 and one from year 5/6 (4 boys and 4 girls in each team). Everyone gave their all in all of the events and should be very proud of their achievements, especially competing against much bigger schools. Our year 5/6 team managed to finish 5th out of 10 teams!

Year 5/6 Tennis Tournament

On the final day of the half term, four tennis teams made up of year 5 and 6 pupils made their way to Forest Hall School for the Stansted tennis tournament. 4 teams from 3 other schools were there to compete and after the group games, the Bentfield teams, clearly benefiting from Pam's Thursday morning practices, finished first and second in both groups, meaning as a school 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places had already been secured! The only question was which team would finish where. After a lot of very close and competitive games, The red team finished 1st, yellow team 2nd, green team 3rd and blue team 4th, with the red and yellow teams qualifying for the Uttlesford finals. Well done to everyone involved! 

Year 3/4 Rapid Fire Cricket

After only 2 practice sessions, we took 2 teams to take part in the year 3/4 rapid fire cricket competition at Howe Green School. Both teams competed well, showed some excellent team work and individual skill during the morning. Results didn't quite go our way with our teams finishing 6th and 7th in their respective groups. Despite this, the children put in great effort and represented the school very well.

KS2 Archery Finals

Three of our archery teams qualified for the Uttlesford finals back in the autumn term and made their was to Lord Butler Leisure Centre to take part. In a competition with excellent scores from across all of the schools, the children competed well. Many 10s were scored for hitting the bullseye and some excellent maths skills on display to work out the scores as well. An afternoon of great fun with all teams representing our school brilliantly. 

Year 3/4 Uttlesford Tag Rugby Finals

After qualifying from the Stansted tournament, we took a team to compete in the finals on Thursday 7th March. The tournament consisted of 16 teams and after playing 10 games of tag rugby and feeling very tired towards the end of it, the team placed 12th overall. Some great team play through the tournament and improved performances as the morning went on. Well done to everyone!

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Tournament

On Thursday 15th of February, two teams of year 4 pupils took part in the Stansted tag rugby tournament at Howe Green School. A great morning of tag rugby where both teams made significant improvements during the morning, leading to a 4th and a 7th place finish for the red and blue teams respectively. This meant that the red team qualified for the Uttlesford finals. Well done to everyone who took part!

Year 5/6 Uttlesford Tag Rugby Finals

After their victory in the Stansted tournament, our year 5 and 6 tag rugby team took part in the Uttlesford finals on Wednesday 14th February. The morning consisted of 10 very closely-fought matches with some brilliant examples of speed, skill, passing and tactics on display from all teams. At the end of the tournament the Bentfield team finished in 3rd position collected bronze medals! A fantastic team performance with performances improving as the morning went on. 

Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics

On Monday 15th January some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in a sports hall athletics competition. They came 3rd place overall and lots of individual winners. Well done to all of the children involved. 


Javelin- Max 3rd place and Leo E 2nd place


Chest push- Poppy 3rd place, Anabelle 2nd place and Archie 3rd place


Standing long jump- Helena 3rd place and Sullivan 1st place


Standing triple jump- Helena 1st place, Lola 3rd place and Hugo 3rd place


Speed bounce- Hugo 1st place, Lily 1st place and Joshua 2nd place


Year 3/4 Sports Hall Athletics

On Monday 15th January some of our Year 3 and 4 pupils took part in a sports hall athletics competition. They came 1st place overall and lots of individual winners and the team are through to the finals in February. Well done to all of the children involved. 


5 Bounding stride- Ryver 1st place and Neave 2nd place

                Myles 1st place, Zac 2nd place and Lorcan 3rd place


Speed bounce- Ruby 1st place

              Myles 1st place and Isaac G 2nd place   


Chest push- Taye 1st place


Javelin- Daisy 1st place and Zac 1st place


Standing long jump- Ryver 2nd place

                 Lorcan 1st place and Isaac G 3rd place


Vertical jump- Neave 2nd place and Michael 1st place


Swimming Gala

Some of our pupils from Year 3 to 6 took part in a swimming gala on Friday 12th January, competing against other local primary schools. The pupils all enjoyed the gala despite it being very noisy! Congratulations to both of our teams, our Year 3 and 4 team came 6th place and our Year 5 and 6 team came 3rd place. We had some individual and team winners too:


Year 6 freestyle- Helena

Year 5 backstroke- Matilda 

Year 3 backstroke- Erin-Elizabeth

Year 5/6 butterfly- Matthew

Year 3 freestyle relay team- Erin, Annabelle, Wren and Maggie

Year 5 freestyle relay team- Zoey, Alice, Jessica and Matilda

Uttlesford Challenge- Whole School 

Our whole school took part in the challenges again this year which involved working on co-ordination, balance, skipping and throwing skills. The children practised these in class and then took part in the challenge. Well done to all of the pupils involved, they had lots of fun. We also had some medalists across the school:


Reception- Dot to dot challenge:

Isabella- Gold medal

Albie- Gold medal


Year 1- Dot to dot challenge:

Eloise- Bronze medal  

Oscar- Bronze medal


Year 2- Skipping challenge:

Elyse- Gold medal

Otis- Gold medal

Albie- Silver medal

Nisha- Bronze medal 


Year 3- Figure of 8 challenge:

Erin-Elizabeth- Gold medal 

Neave- Silver medal

Taye- Silver medal


Year 4- Figure of 8 challenge:

Zac- Gold medal

Jessica- Silver medal

Ryver- Silver medal

Isaac- Silver medal


Year 5- Tennis ball throw challenge

Matilda- Bronze medal

Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Archery

On Tuesday 28th November a selection of children from Years 3-6 took part in an archery competition at Forest Hall School, competing against other local primary schools. The children played really well and scored some very high numbers! One of our Year 5/6 teams came 1st place and the other Year 5/6 team came 3rd place, so both teams were medallists. One of our Year 3/4 teams came 3rd place and the other team came 4th place, again with one team winning bronze medals. We also had a few individual winners within the teams:

Joshua- 2nd place,silver medallist

Lola- 1st place, gold medallist

Elliot- 1st place, gold medallist

Ryver- 2nd place, silver medallist

Codie- 3rd place, bronze medallist

Well done to all of the children!


Year 5/6 Tag Rugby

We were delighted to enter 3 teams into this year's Stansted tag rugby tournament. A massive thank you to all the parents who drove to make that possible! At the end of 5 very competitive games for each team, the blue team finish 5th, the yellow team finished 8th and the red team defended the title that the school won last year, finishing as the overall winners! Everybody played with a good spirit and kept on working hard and trying through all of the games. Well done to everyone involved!

Year 6 Dodgeball

On Tuesday 21st November a small group of Year 6 pupils took part in a dodgeball event competing against other local schools. After nearly winning all of their matches, they were gold medallists and are through to the finals on Wednesday 6th December. Well done to all of the children involved. 

Key Stage 2 Cross Country

On Thursday 9th November we took a selection of children from Years 3-6 to a cross country event at Howe Green. All of the children ran really well and supported each other around the track. We had some individual medallists and some team winners who are all through to the finals in March. 


Year 6 girls silver medallist- Helena

Year 4 girls bronze medallist- Ryver

Year 6 boys team- Tyler, Max, Joshua and Matthew

Year 4 girls team- Ryver, Lexi, Jessica and Grace 

Year 3 girls- Annabelle, Jessica, Erin and Neave 

Year 3/4 Dodgeball Tournament

On 15th November, a group of year 3 and 4 pupils went to the Romeera Mountfitchet Leaisure Centre to take part in the Stansted dodgeball tournament. They played in 2 teams; the red team played 6 other teams, eventually finishing in 5th position; the blue team played in a round-robin group,  finishing second and then winning the 3rd/4th place play-off to end up 3rd in their tournament! Everyone played in a fair and sportsmanlike spirit and represent the school brilliantly!


Bentfield Blue


Bentfield Red

Girls' and Boys' USSP Football Tournaments

On 11th October, our girls and boys football teams took part in the USSP football tournaments at Herberts' Farm Playing Fields in Saffron Walden (boys in the morning and girls in the afternoon). Both teams played tremendously well, with the boys achieving the bronze medals for a third place finish. Well done to you all!

Year 4 Girl's Football Festival 

The Year 4 girls were invited to a football festival which took place at St Mary's Primary School. They all learnt new skills needed to play football and were able to take part in mini matches. 

Uttlesford Athletics Competition

On Wednesday 28th June, 33 KS2 children took part in the athletics competition at Carver Barracks. They took part in sprinting, distance and relay races as well as long jump, high jump, howler and javelin throws. As year 6 were away on their residential, year 5s stepped up to compete in the year 6 competition as well as against their own age. Everyone tried their very best and did themselves and the school proud. We finished 5th overall. A special mention has to be given to Josh for winning the year 6 high jump event as a year 5! We also have 2 record breakers: Helena broke the year 5 girls 600m record; and Sullivan broke the year 4 long jump record! 


Uttlesford Year 3 and 4 Cricket Finals 

On Friday 16th June, having qualified from the Stansted tournament, our year 3 and 4 cricket team took part in the Uttlesford finals of Rapid Fire Cricket. They successfully won two of their three games in their group (only losing the other game by one run!) which allowed them to go through to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, they lost the semi-final by 7 runs, however they then went through to the third and fourth place play off which they won to receive the bronze medals. Third place across all Uttlesford schools is a tremendous achievement- well done to you all! 

Uttlesford Year 5 and 6 Cricket Finals 

On Wednesday 14th June, having qualified from the Stansted tournament, our year 5 and 6 boys and girls cricket teams took part in the Uttlesford finals competition. The boys took part in the morning, finishing second in their group and then losing their play-off game to come 4th overall. The girls also game second in their group and then won their play-off game, coming away with bronze medals! Both competitions were played with excellent sportsmanship and skill in very hot and sunny conditions. Well done to everyone who took part. 

Quad Kids Athletics

On Wednesday 7th June, we attended the Uttlesford Quad Kids athletics competition at Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport. Teams for the event consisted of 4 boys and 4 girls competing in year 3/4 and year 5/6 categories. Each competitor takes part in a sprint (50m/75m), a middle distance run (400m/600m) a howler throw and standing long jump. Points are awarded for times and distances and added together to get a team total. Everyone completed their events showing great determination throughout and represented the school brilliantly and should be very proud of their achievements. In the final standings, the year 5/6 team came 8th out of 17 teams and the year 3/4 team came 9th out of 15 teams.  

Girls' Football Tournament


On Wednesday 17th May, our girls' football team were invited to attend the first ever EA Girls Football Tournament at the new 3G football pitches at Grange paddocks in Bishops Stortford. This was a wonderful opportunity for the team to not only play on these new surfaces, but also compete against teams from schools from another county. They performed brilliantly and won three games and lost three games, finishing in 4th place overall. A tremendous achievement- well done! 

Year 3/4 Tennis

On Tuesday 16th May, we took 2 teams to a tennis tournament to compete against teams from Henham and Howe Green. The children played really well and won many of their individual matches. Overall the blue team came 5th out of 8 and the green team narrowly missed out on first place in the final where it was so close, after a tie of 2 games each, they had to count the points! This team came second overall and will progress to the Essex finals. 

Year 3/4 Rapid Fire Cricket


On Thursday 4th May, our Year 3 and 4 cricket team attended the local schools tournament for 'rapid fire' cricket at Howe Green School. They performed brilliantly throughout the morning, winning 3 out of their 4 games and achieving second place overall. This means that they will be going through to the finals at Saffron Walden in June. Well done to you all, not only for your excellent performances (each one improving on the last), but also the mature way you represented our school.